Jeremy Oursler

Jeremy Oursler

  • Home Address…? St Louis, Mo.
  • jeremy [at]

The 411:

I am a Network Operations Specialist for GroupCast LLC. and SchoolReach, a division of GroupCast. We provide notification services for schools and businesses through voice calling, Email, and Text.

I am currently studying to become a Database Administrator. I love my job, we are a small shop with few SQL Server instances which I manage backups restores and other items that give me experience valuable to a position change to DBA.

Stuff I Do:


  • Office IT
  • DBA Duties
  • Database Development
  • Tier 3 Support
  • Server Administraton
  • Disaster Recovery and Mitigation


  • Target Shooting
  • Programming
  • COD: Black Ops 2
  • Family
  • Surf the Web
  • General Nerdery